12 June

LTEN Modern Learning Workshop - Beyond Microlearning: Creating Effective Modern Learning

The Intela Team

Dr. Steven Just, CLO of Intela Learning, will be presenting an engaging workshop focused on separating modern learning research from the hype at the LTEN Conference on June 12, 2018. Dr. Just will highlight the modern learning strategies that have been demonstrated to be most effective and discuss the movement toward a new era of personalized learning in the life sciences training industry.

If you’re attending the event be sure to catch Dr. Just’s presentation at 2:00 PM in Grand Sonoran J.

24-26 Jan

Intela at ATD TechKnowledge 2018 in San Jose, CA

The Intela Team

Intela participated in ATD TechKnowledge 2018 in San Jose, where we had the opportunity to show off our modern Unified Continuous Learning platform. Our biggest take-away? Not surprisingly, there were many microlearning platforms on display but our unified (four categories of microlearning activities) approach was unique.

19 Dec

Dr. Steven Just, CLO of Intela Learning, spoke at the PADLA (Pennsylvania/New Jersey/Delaware) Distance Learning Association Annual Conference.

The Intela Team

Dr. Just presented a workshop on "The Science and Practice of Continuous Learning" at the PADLA Annual Conference in Philadelphia. The workshop covered the importance of viewing learning as a long-term process, not just an event, and highlighted research evidence showing the power of adaptive questioning, microlearning, gamification and alternate forms of assessment.

At the end of the workshop there was a discussion about how "modern learning" and "classical courses" can be complementary. Dr. Just offered this view showing that structured courses are most appropriate for new/novice employees and modern learning is most appropriate as employees gain a structured understanding of the subject matter:

10 Nov

Intela Improves Learning Sprint Activity

The Intela Team

We always listen to our users and try to incorporate their best ideas into our product. So, after getting feedback from several clients about improvements they would like to see in our Review and Reinforcement exercises (Learning Sprints) we recently updated the Sprint Activity in three important ways:

  1. We modified the algorithm to place more emphasis on displaying the questions the learner answered incorrectly.
  2. Some learners felt that answering a question correctly three times in a row in order to “retire” it was too time-consuming and frankly,
    annoying, so we changed the default from three to two.
  3. To give the learner a more definitive sense of progress in the Sprint, we added a graphical pop-up that congratulates the learner
    each time he/she successfully retires a question:

23 Oct

It's All About Microlearning at the LTEN Medical Device and Diagnostics Trainers Summit

The Intela Team

Intela recently exhibited at the Life Science Trainers and Educators Network (LTEN) Medical Device and Diagnostics conference. Though we always exhibit at the larger LTEN annual meeting this was the first time we have exhibited at this smaller, more targeted conference. Our reaction? It was great. The venue, the speakers, and our interactions with the participants were all first class.

What was our major take-away from the presentations? What’s most on the mind of trainers? What is the hottest topic in learning today? Three answers: microlearning, microlearning, microlearning! We couldn’t be happier to hear that because the Intela platform has robust support for microlearning through our Learning Subscriptions activity type. We support microlearning in just about any form: videos, podcasts, graphics, animations, PDFs, Docs, etc. And unlike other microlearning platforms, we allow you to tie learning nuggets together into Subscriptions that are delivered to your learners on a regular basis, for improved learning reinforcement and retention.

ABOUT Intela™

Intela™ is the first truly unified Continuous Learning System. It is not an LMS. It is not a courseware development system. Intela™ allows companies to convert learning events into learning processes through four proven learning strategies: Review and Reinforcement, Gamification, Subscription Learning (using microlearning), and Active Assessments. Intela™ is used before, during and after a learning event to ensure that what is learned is remembered and transferred back to the job.