Intela™ Features

Intela™ is based on cognitive science research which shows that four key learning strategies have a significant impact on learning and retention.


Two well-researched methods for promoting long-term retention are:

  • The Spacing Effect (spacing learning over time)

  • The Testing Effect (repeated testing is better than repeated studying)

When the Spacing Effect and the Testing Effect are combined the result is a process known as:

  • Successive Relearning

Intela uses the most widely accepted Successive Relearning algorithm for creating and delivering "Learning Sprints." Following a learning experience (instructor-led course, eLearning, workshop, etc.) learners are quizzed on question sets over a period of days or weeks. Questions that are answered incorrectly are repeated more often than questions that are answered correctly. The goal is to "retire" all questions by answering each correctly several times in a row.

Intela allows the Sprint author complete flexibility in creating and selecting questions, controlling timing and establishing success criteria.

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Learners are motivated by competition. Intela makes it easy to turn a Learning Sprint into a gamified Learning Contest with leaderboards, badges and scored competitions at the individual, district, regional and national levels.

All contest results are presented in attractive dashboards and can be displayed both on mobile devices and large screens at events, such as POAs and launch meetings.

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Intela’s Subscription Learning module takes advantage of three cognitive enhancements:

  • Learning spaced over time (the Spacing Effect)

  • Learning chunked into short "learning nuggets" (respecting the limits of working memory)

  • The Interleaving Effect – mixing two or more related, but different, content streams and presenting them in "interspersed" order.

Intela helps the content author create and organize microlessons (learning nuggets) that can be delivered to the learners' mobile devices on a scheduled basis.

Subscriptions can be optionally interleaved for maximum cognitive effectiveness.

Learning nuggets can also be used as remediation for missed questions or failed learning objectives in Learning Sprints.

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Most corporate assessments are high stakes/mastery exams -- as required by certification and compliance processes. Intela delivers these types of assessments of learning (no need for a separate testing system) and much more because Intela allows trainers to create assessments for learning.

Decades of research have shown that questioning can enhance learning. With Intela, trainers can create:

  • Pre/post tests to measure gain scores

  • "Priming" assessments to encourage "cognitive schema" formation

  • Diagnostic assessments to help target remediation

  • Cumulative exams to encourage information retrieval and "re-encoding."

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Intela delivers results in easy to read learning dashboards and graphical reports at the individual, district, regional and national levels:

  • Individual learners see real time dashboards of their own progress
  • Managers see individual and summary results for their team members
  • Trainers can use graphical reports to easily spot high performers, target remediation and improve training programs

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